February 4, 2022

Style Secrets for Portrait Sessions

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Step 1

Choosing a Color palette

Kiss those white tees and jeans goodbye! Rather than trying to match everyone in one color, opt for a color palette instead. Your color palette should include 4-5 colors. You want to pick these according to tones not just colors. Examples of tones can include earth tones, neutral tones, beach tones, pastel tones, warm tones, cool tones, etc. I love using coolers.co to create color palettes! You can randomly generate them, make your own, and even browse what palettes are trending.

Create my color palette

Step 2


This is my biggest styling secret! Hop on pinterest.com and create a board that is dedicated to your family’s photography wardrobe. Once you have chosen your color palette, you can start searching for your type of session to get your brain moving and inspired! Lastly, you can explore your closet or use it as an excuse to purchase new clothes perfect for the occasion!

Create my style board

Other Helpful Tips


-Let kids eat and nap before their session. This helps with crankiness. If there isn’t enough time for eating, I highly recommend bringing along snacks that don’t color their mouth/face

-Accessorize with hats/scarves/layers to add texture

-Let kids have fun! Not every image has to be staged


-Transition lenses in your glasses

-Gum/chewing tobacco products

-Clothing with distracting colors, patterns, logos, or neon colors. These distract from you as the main focus and can create distortions or color casts in the images.